Methods for Active Participation by Terry D. Bergdall


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    Methods for Active Participation: Experiences in Rural Development from East and Central Africa by Terry D. Bergdall

    This is a detailed and down-to-earth account of the processes of rural development pioneered by the Method for Active Participation Research and Development Project. The unique features of active participation are the practical techniques that are used for engaging marginal members of a community in the planning and implementation of relevant projects according to local priorities. The single, central message of this study is that rural people can be effective agents of their own development and do not, in all cases, need to wait for the initiatives of outside experts for guidance. To explore the strategies and problems associated with active participation, Terry Bergdall relates case studies of programs using these techniques in Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia. He then goes on to outline the key aspects and requirements of active participation that will prove to be an invaluable resource for facilitators and all others working in rural development.

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