A space to connect, share and learn about ICA’s Technology of Participation (ToP) facilitation methodology.

Since 2000, ICA:UK has built up a community of individuals dedicated to ToP facilitation methods. This community includes trainers, associates, past participants, friends from other ICA’s across the world and many more. In a bid to keep this community lively, connected and thriving we have decided to create a regular online ICA:UK community meet up – ‘ToP Tuesdays’.

‘ToP Tuesdays’ take place online via zoom, between 9-10am every quarter, on the first Tuesday of the month. The online sessions are free to attend for members of ICA’s across the world and past participants of our courses. Each session is facilitated by an ICA trainer – ‘the expert’ and ICA’s Training Coordinator will also be on hand to help support the sessions. The sessions are also open for any of ICA’s trainers and associates to attend, as a participant, and share their experiences.

These sessions form a platform for both previous participants and others interested in ICA’s ToP methods to connect, share, learn and ask questions about the Technology of Participation methodology. We hope that this will serve to build a sense of community that ICA has been seeking amongst trainers, previous participants and associates as well as provide a space for ongoing learning.

There is no limit on the number of registrants. Where the number of attendees is too large for a reasonable, interactive discussion in plenary, breakout rooms can be used. Breakout rooms can also be used in the case where more than one person wish to discuss a topic of common interest. The sessions are as much about learning and connecting with each other as they are gaining insights from ICA’s lead trainers.

The sessions are informal and follow a loose structure. They are primarily intended to be spontaneous, informal meet up sessions.

Register for our next FREE ToP Tuesdays via our course calendar