As part of our mission to spread the concept of facilitation and participation around the world, we have provided a bank of resources for facilitators and group leaders to help support your facilitation practice. Please feel free to use and download these resources, as well as share them with others.

3. ICA:UK and IAF England and Wales ToP Methods Hub

ICA-UK has partnered with the International Association of Facilitators England and Wales to bring people from all our courses together into community of trainers, facilitators and participants. If you’ve ever attended a ToP ICA course and want to network and speak to others about the methods and offer and receive facilitation advice join the free ToP Methods Slack Channel. Please note you must have attended a ToP Course to access this resource.

Step 1. Register for Slack IAF Facilitators and Friends here

If this direct link does not work, visit the IAF England and Wales webpage, and scroll down to the “February 2020” update and follow the links from there.

Step 2. Once registered, on the left hand side of your slack dashboard, click ‘add channel’ and search ‘iaf-ew-top-facilitation’ to join us

4. Other Facilitation Resources

In addition to ICA’s own ToP methodology, there are many other effective group facilitation methods available, often developed with a specific intention in mind and for certain group sizes. There is an increasing number of websites with open access which support you to decide what methods might be best placed to fulfill the particular needs of the session and the group. Examples include:

5. International Association of Facilitators Meet Up Groups

Our friends at IAF England & Wales, convene regular, open facilitation meetups for “IAF facilitators & friends” through regional meetup groups around England & Wales – visit the IAF England and Wales webpage

6. ICA:UK's YouTube Channel

Why not check out ICA:UK’s YouTube channel. You will find a number of videos on topics at the heart of facilitation as well as a series of tips and tricks for StickyWall owners.

An Introduction to Facilitation

New to facilitation? Need a refresher for your own practice? In our mini videos below our facilitators and lead trainers expertly explain the basic principles underlying facilitation.

ICA's Technology of Participation (ToP) Methods

ICA:UK draws on more than 50 years of experience in group work, community development and participatory decision-making to offer our Technology of Participation facilitation training courses. Learn our structured approach to facilitating meetings and events through our series of one, two-day face to face courses, our online courses and our focused conversation webinars. Learn more about our courses.

Online Focused Conversation Series

Alongside our courses we also have also delivered two series’ of online focused conversations. The sessions centred around different topics in facilitation and demonstrated how the ToP Focused Conversation method could be used online. Below are recordings of some of our sessions. 

Alan Heckman's Facilitation Tips

Our lead trainer, Alan Heckman, has over 20 years experience as a facilitator and trainer. Below are just some of his great tips to help you hone your facilitation practice and become a great facilitator!

StickyWall Tips and Tricks

Our popular StickyWalls are light, portable and a great visual tool for facilitators, group leaders and trainers. Here are some helpful pointers for using your StickyWall – and if you don’t have yours yet, you can buy yours here.