ICA:UK is a registered charity in England and Wales that works both nationally and internationally enabling people to bring about positive change in their organisations and communities through facilitation. We work with many different types of groups and individuals to show how participation can have a positive impact on engagement, productivity and the overall happiness and success of your organisation and community.

Want to help us support others? You can make a one off donation or become a regular monthly donor to one of our charitable facilitation missions below:

Village Volunteers (VV)

Learn more about our Village Volunteers programme.

Within in the context of our mission and values, and in line with the peer-to-peer approach of ICA International ICA:UK provides important support to partner organisations in Africa striving to apply a participatory approach in addressing the major issues faced by the communities they work with.


Tujiendeleze Youth Trust Fund (TYTF)

Learn more about our Tujiendeleze Youth Trust Fund programme.


Help us to continue to provide facilitation training, capacity building and support to the Tujiendeleze Youth Trust Fund. Over the past few years we have been able to offer capacity building in terms of training, students and alumni field visits, partnership visits, team building, and campaigns such as Sixteen days of activism to end gender-based violence. TYTF has been instrumental in engaging students and alumni on capacity development.  These trainings are important because of their long-term impacts such as strengthening the Alumni and current students confidence, enhancing their knowledge, skills so that they can envision and take actions in utilizing their potential and resources available to improve their livelihoods.


General Support

Help ICA continue its mission to make positive change through the power facilitation in the UK. Help us to continue our facilitation training scholarship programme, Citizen Activist programme and much more.