ICA:UK draws on more than 50 years of experience in group work, community development and participatory decision-making to offer our Technology of Participation facilitation training courses.

Learn our structured approach to facilitating meetings and events through our online and face to face training courses.

Follow the links in the table for a full description of each course, with feedback from previous course participants. We regularly run public courses in Manchester, London and online. We also occasionally host courses in other cities around the UK.

Please visit Course Dates and Registration to see upcoming dates. All of our courses are also available in-house for your organisation or group.

Online Full Facilitation Training Courses

Group Facilitation Methodsfoundation8 x 2.25 hour sessionsOur most popular course, introducing the foundations of the ToP approach. This course is a methods course, so it is useful both for beginners and for experienced facilitators who wish learn our approach.
Facilitating Virtual Events foundation 7 x 2 hour sessions Building your
competence and confidence in virtual facilitation.
Transforming Difficult Conversationsfoundation4 x 2 hour sessionsCreating positive outcomes in challenging situations.
Participatory Strategic Planning intermediate 8 x 2.25 hour sessionsBringing people together to create strategies for action.
Facilitating Hybrid Eventsintermediate3 x 2 hour sessionsDesigning and delivering cohesive, effective and engaging hybrid meetings and events.
Taking ToP Methods Onlineintermediate2 x 2.5 hour sessionsAdapting ICA’s ToP facilitation methods for the online world.

Online Short Facilitation Workshops

Intro to Facilitationfoundation2.5 hoursIntroducing the role of the facilitator and the ToP approach, plus some key tips & tools.
Intro to Facilitating Virtual Events foundation 2.5 hours Exploring how we can take our face to face facilitation skills, into a virtual environment.
Intro to Producing Virtual Eventsfoundation2.5 hoursConsidering the role of the producer in delivering great virtual events.
Intro to Facilitating Hybrid Eventsintermediate2.5 hoursExamining the facilitation challenges and opportunities posed by ‘hybrid’ events. 
Energising Online Groupsfoundation2.25 hoursExploring different methods to boost engagement levels, energise your group or team and manage online fatigue.

Face to Face Facilitation Training Courses

Group Facilitation Methodsfoundation2Our most popular course, introducing the foundations of the ToP approach. This course is a methods course, so it is useful both for beginners and for experienced facilitators who wish learn our approach.
Transforming Difficult Conversationsfoundation1How to create positive outcomes in challenging situations
Dynamic Action Planning foundation 1 Dynamic Action Planning for short-term projects and events.  
Participatory Strategic Planning intermediate 2Bringing people together to create strategies for action.
 Meetings that Work foundation2Plan, prepare for and facilitate productive meetings  
Facilitating Client Collaborationfoundation2 Practical tools to design facilitation approaches with your client

Additional Available Facilitation Training Courses

These are specialised curricula which may be appropriate for your group or organisation, we are always happy to adapt our courses to suit your specific needs.

Introduction to Group Facilitationfoundation1Exploring the role and skills of the facilitator, this course helps beginners gain confidence in their role.
Facilitating Organisational Changeadvanced2Frameworks and tools for facilitating ‘whole systems’ change.
Designing Participatory Eventsintermediate1Ensuring events are productive and successful  
Collaborative Leadershipadvanced4.5 hours online, 3 days training, Action Learning Sets online;Explores theories of leadership, teaches methods that can support collaborative
work and engage teams, partners, and clients in developing vision and strategy, and
sets in place processes that can support a leader’s development over the long term
Group Facilitation Skillsfoundation1-2In addition to
methods, what are the skills that a facilitator needs to be effective? Build your own course from a range of modules”
ToP and Logic Modelsadvanced1How to apply a
participatory approach to the development of logic models