We are always on the look out for talented facilitators and past participants of our courses to join our expert training team. If you are interested in becoming a trainer with us, you can find out more below.

What is a ToP Trainer?

In order to deliver our courses, our trainers must progress through ICA:UK’s ‘Trainer’s Journey’.  The journey has multiple stages, progressing from participant, observer, trainee trainer, co-trainer and finally, lead trainer. Once you have reached the point where you are a lead trainer, then you are invited to continue to work with ICA:UK under a Licence Agreement which places you on a roster for delivering ICA:UK’s training courses and entitles you deliver in-house courses in your own name. ICA:UK does not guarantee work for its trainers, but currently is able to 1-2 delivery opportunities to each trainer annually. You will be part of a community of ToP trainers who work together, meet regularly and offer mutual support.

The Trainer’s Journey

The purpose of the Trainers’ Journey is to provide an opportunity to progress through the stages in order to achieve the competencies required of a ToP Lead Trainer (see document below). While the end point remains the same (mastery of the competencies) how many courses need to be completed at each level may well differ between individuals, depending on their starting point and the pace at which they are able to follow the journey (which can be determined by their own availability but also on how many co-trainer opportunities we are able to create). It will also depend on their starting point, their levels of experience, etc. As a rough guide, it is likely that you will need only one course as a participant and as a participant observer; perhaps two as a trainee and 2-3 as a co-trainer. Our experience is that the shift from co-trainer to lead trainer is the biggest step of all of them.

Full guide – Becoming a ToP Trainer

Trainer core competencies

Mentoring and peer evaluation