Successful business depends, amongst other things, on two vital sets of relationships:

  1. Your employees. Businesses are increasingly aware of the connection between a contented workforce and a successful company, realising it is not just about having supportive HR policies and the right terms of employment, it is about involving employees in decisions that affect them, building effective teamwork, strengthening relationships between management and staff. All of these can be achieved through effective facilitation.
  2. Your customers. Knowing and understanding the preferences of your customers helps sell your product. Whether engaging with them face to face or online, an ability to communicate effectively, ask the right questions, listen, respond appropriately are key skills.

Since it started, ICA:UK has been training individuals and groups from large and small companies, equipping them to apply effective facilitation methods in the workplace aimed at both improving quality and productivity.

Recent clients include:

  • Black Pepper
  • Bovis Lendlease
  • Edrington plc
  • Environmental Resource Management
  • Internet Advertising Board UK
  • Santander
  • Sawdays
  • Volvo UK and Europe

What they say…

It was a great balance of learning some techniques and actually having some time to address some of our core business needs. It was much less abstract than other training I have done.

After your training, I was very pleased with the way that the Customer Forums went. While there was some hesitation from the participants initially, after they became used to the different approach, they participated well and overall generated more information and more ideas in a shorter space of time.

The way the course was presented was absolutely brilliant