Within in the context of our mission and values, and in line with the peer-to-peer approach of ICA International ICA:UK provides important support to partner organisations in Africa striving to apply a participatory approach in addressing the major issues faced by the communities they work with.

We believe that:

  • the approach taken by ICA in Africa over the past 50 years, building mutually beneficial relationships (based on trust and respect) with partners and between partners and the communities they serve, continues to be relevant and effective today
  • local organisations have a key role to play in making a difference in Africa, yet recognition of this role and the funding to enable their development is often not forthcoming
  • our approach to fundraising and capacity building should reflect our organisational values and take more of a partnership approach

Village Volunteers in action

Read what a difference a small amount of money well directed and managed can make:

Become a Sponsor

As a regular giver to the Village Volunteers Fund you will have the assurance that 100% of your donation will go towards the strengthening and development of local organisations in Africa who share the ICA philosophy and who are working with some of the most vulnerable communities.

You will receive the six-monthly Village Volunteers Newsletter which reports on how your money is being spent but also brings you news from other ICAs in Africa and how they are supporting development by communities.

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