If your organisation or group needs a facilitator, or if you need support in designing and delivering a workshop, meeting or conference, we are the right people to talk to!

Our experience is that one of the key ingredients for a successful, engaging and interactive event is to give enough time and consideration to the design and preparation beforehand. Careful thought and planning help the facilitator(s) guide and support the group through a stimulating process which enables the group to achieve the desired results. Experienced facilitators give full attention to this aspect of their role, recognising that it often accounts for 80% of the time they need to spend. For less experienced facilitators, having someone to advise and coach you through the design phase helps strengthen both your ability and confidence to deliver the process well.

Our Technology of Participation methods will help your group have meaningful, useful conversations, build consensus on critical questions, and plan for the future in a way that results in action. Our network of  experienced Associates means that we are able to offer our services in many parts of the UK and, through our connections with sister ICAs in other countries, to help you identify a suitable, locally based facilitator.

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