ICA:UK works to enable people to bring about positive change and to influence constructively decisions that affect their lives. We do this by training people in our proven ‘Technology of Participation’ facilitation methods and designing and delivering effective approaches to personal, organisational and social transformation.

Read our strategic plan 2022-2025.

Our vision is of a just and sustainable world for all.

We hold the following values in our work:

  • Shared responsibility – by fostering individual and collective responsibility, trust and honesty to create a sense of belonging
  • Constant learning – by asking questions of ourselves and of others
  • Wholeness – by respecting the diversity and uniqueness of individuals and communities, encompassing mind, body, and spirit
  • Making a difference – by making a contribution as part of our individual life journeys and enabling others to do the same
  • A global perspective – by maintaining a global and historical perspective to provide a context for our actions at the local, national and international levels

Our particular contribution to the achievement of the vision is our focus on participation, reflecting our belief that without involving everyone meaningfully in the processes and decisions that affect them, then any development process will neither be just nor sustainable. This focus includes:

  • Reflecting and practicing our values in our structure and our work
  • Developing the skills and knowledge to enable widespread understanding and effective use of facilitation methods and skills
  • Informing and encouraging behaviours and attitudes which recognise and value participation amongst the people who use, experience, commission and promote facilitation methods
  • Continuing to research and develop effective methods, including the development of new approaches, the introduction of facilitation into new fields, and gathering and disseminating evidence of the methods’ effectiveness
  • Working with others to develop a conducive environment at the national/international level which, through policy, supports effective practice