Whether face to face or online, our Group Facilitation Methods course is designed to teach the ToP methods
and basis of our approach so that participants leave with the confidence to apply methods both virtually and
in person. So, let’s explore 5 benefits of learning and using ICA’s ToP facilitation methods.

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Group Facilitation Methods, Online, 25th September – 4th October, with Alan Heckman

Group Facilitation Methods, London, 25th-26th September, with Martin Gilbraith

1. Ensure everyone’s voice is heard

The ToP methods are designed to allow everyone in the group to participate. At the heart of ICA’s ToP methods is the core value that when differences in people and ideas are both respected and valued, meaningful conversations can be held, and plans are informed by different perspectives and owned more widely. Rights are upheld, teamwork is valued. Our processes are designed to ensure everyone is invited to participate at the level that feels comfortable to them.

2. Facilitate meaningful conversations that lead to action

Our Focused Conversation method enables any facilitator to conduct purposeful, productive, focused conversations which unlock the wisdom and experiences of the group. The method can be used for stimulating feedback, reaching shared awareness in meetings, analysing trends and current situations, helping a group talk through problematic
issues, and clarifying values within community and work settings and more. The method uses a four level sequence of questions that moves a group discussion from the objective information through their initial responses and interpretations to clear conclusions.

3. Establish group consensus in an engaging way

The Consensus Workshop method is a structure which enables a group facilitator to weave everyone’s wisdom into a practical agreement. The method introduces a process that moves from the collection of data and ideas, through the organisation of the data into meaningful groupings to a point of consensus, resolution, and product. This method can be used to generate new creativity, develop solutions, build group consensus, channel input, and integrate diverse ideas. The method is used to build consensus about a complex topic. It begins with a focus question, gets the group brainstorming responses, helps the group organize the ideas in clusters, enables the group to identify the core idea in each cluster and helps them determine next steps.

4. Rely with confidence on structures for discussion and consensus

Designed for those who want to use facilitation skills confidently and effectively, ToP methods suit all levels of experience including team managers, community and voluntary support workers, independent facilitators, community activists and group leaders of any kind. The methods are simple to learn, remember and apply, whilst producing strong results. We also provide the opportunity for each participant to practice the methods with the group so they leave with the confidence to use the methods in their own practice.

5. Produce results that the group will own

By ensuring everyone’s voice is heard, respected and valued in a structured way, the ToP methods enable everyone to see their ideas reflected in the any result of a ToP workshop. This creates a powerful sense of ownership and significantly increases individual commitment to delivering the outputs of any plan.

For more information on ToP methods and courses go to our Training Courses page or download our full Group Facilitation Methods Information pack. To book a course or see our public course schedule go to course dates and registration. If you have a group of 6 or more, you can also enquire about an in-house course for your team.