“How can I get all members of a group to participate in planning a project or event together, and build their commitment and responsibility so that they can successfully implement their plan?”

This one-day course introduces a method for assessing the feasibility of a short-term project, campaign or event, for building commitment to its implementation and setting out what needs to be done and by whom

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Who this course is for

This course has no pre-requisite, but Group Facilitation Methods or some prior experience of facilitation or participatory planning is recommended.

It is suitable for all those who want to be able to involve people more effectively in planning and implementing short to medium term projects together, including team leaders and project managers within organisations, those working collaboratively with partners and external stakeholders, youth and community workers and independent facilitators.

“I found the Action Planning course very practical and useful, and have used the method with young people and youth work organisations across Northern Ireland” – Alexey Janes, YouthBank Development, Officer Community Foundation for Northern Ireland

“Action Planning is an excellent course – I found it simple and effective to put into practice” – Dr Clive Downs, Visiting Research Fellow, The Open University and Research & Information Officer, Reading Borough Council

“The Action Planning Workshop really energised a rather jaded group and produced a workable and accepted plan to raise morale in the department” – Ruth Foss, Facilitation Team, Axa Sun Life plc, Bristol.

What you will gain

By the end of the course, you will have:

  • understood the 8 stages of the Dynamic Action Planning method, the role of each, and their flow
  • understood where to use the method, and gained confidence in your ability to use it in your own situation
  • consolidated and developed your understanding of the basic Focused Conversation and Consensus Workshop methods
  • built links with others to promote future collaboration and support in the use of the methods

Learning style

The course presents the method in a practical and participatory way. The method is first demonstrated, using a scenario in which participants can identify without having to role-play. It is then analysed and discussed, and the elements of the method are practised individually or in small groups. Finally, participants plan how they will apply the method in their own situations.

What do participants say about this course?

87% of AP participants rated this course 8/10 or higher.

Comments from participants’ end-of-course evaluations included:

  • gives you a structured and effective method for action planning, in a relaxed and enjoyable training environment
  • an interactive and fun way to involve everyone on your team in the planning process
  • a very useful course for planning short-term projects or events
  • rewarding and insightful, it will demonstrate to you how you can get things done – and it is a great experience and a great environment
  • brilliant – the best training course I’ve ever been on

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