Learn how to design and deliver hybrid events

When we talk of ‘hybrid’ events we can mean anything from one or two people dialling into a mainly face to face meeting, through to a complex international, multi site gathering.

Great event design and skilful facilitation help to make hybrid events engaging and productive. Hybrid events pose particular additional challenges and benefits over remote or face to face meetings in terms of building connection between individuals, enabling everyone to receive the same stimulus, and supporting collaborative work on shared outcomes. 

At Orla Cronin Research we have over 15 years of expertise in facilitating and training in hybrid and remote events. We offer three ways of accessing our expertise: a ‘deep dive’ over several sessions, a single session introduction, and mentoring or clinics to focus on specific events which are under development. 

Deep dive: 3 sessions of 2 hours per session (delivered in collaboration with CoCreative Labs)

This course covers everything a facilitator or meeting host would need in order to design and set up a successful hybrid meeting, workshop or event, including 

  • assessment and pre-meeting checklist
  • technology and audio/video setup options and products
  • team roles, responsibilities and best practices
  • common tech and engagement challenges and strategies to address them
  • facilitator mindset
  • Lots of tricks and tips 
  • peer coaching and problem solving opportunities. 

This course will help you feel confident and — we daresay even EXCITED! – to dive into the complexity of hybrid meetings and make great things happen! It is supplemented by ample opportunity to explore our case studies and experience gathered in over a decade of delivering virtual and hybrid events.

Our Trainers

For this course we are pleased to be working in partnership with a wider group of trainers, many of whom were involved in the design of this course originally and who bring extensive online knowledge and experience. See here for their profiles. At least two will be involved in the delivery of the course.

See also Lead Trainer Orla Cronin’s blog on this topic:

Design Principles for ‘Humane’ Hybrid Events

and her Case Study: Facilitating “hybrid” offline/online events

We also run a short 2 hour workshop ‘Intro to Facilitating Hybrid Events’ for those who may be interested in a shorter course.

Please visit our course calendar to see upcoming dates for this course and make a booking. Alternatively, contact us to enquire about a tailored in-house course for your organisation.