How do you facilitate effective meetings, meaningful group conversations and productive decision-making?

This popular course teaches versatile, powerful techniques for structuring effective group conversations and finding group consensus. Foundational to all our Technology of Participation courses, it provides a structured introduction to two powerful ToP methods: the Focused Conversation and the Consensus Workshop.

The course is run in both face-to-face format (2 full days) and online (8 x 2.25 hours).

Who is this course for?

Designed for those who want to use facilitation skills confidently and effectively, this course suits all levels of experience including team managers, community and voluntary support workers, independent facilitators, community activists and group leaders of any kind.

An excellent programme – among the best value-for-money programmes I have attended in my career of over 20 years” – John Burns, Organisational Analysis

“One of the challenges we have is how best to support Fellows who want to work with each other to turn their ideas into projects and practical initiatives. It’s really helpful to see (and try out) some different approaches that we can pass on” – Sam Thomas, RSA Networks Manager

What you will gain

By the end of the course, you will

  • be able to identify when and how to use the Focused Conversation and Consensus Workshop methods
  • have gained confidence in the use of these methods
  • have recognised and explored elements of participation, creativity, teamwork and action
  • have built links with others to promote future collaboration and support in the use of the methods

Learning style

Whether face-to-face or online, the course presents the two methods in a practical and participatory way. Each method is first demonstrated, then analysed and discussed, and then practised in supportive small groups with guided reflection & feedback. Finally, participants plan how they will apply each method in their own situations.

Participants will develop their skills, share experiences and gain an in-depth understanding of the principles behind the methods.

Download a course overview (PDF)

What do participants say about this course?

93% of GFM participants rated the course 8/10 or higher.

Comments from participants’ end-of-course evaluations included:

  • brilliant – a must-do if you want better, more effective meetings
  • provides two practical, easy-to-use methods to discover deep insights from diverse groups – useful tools for any group, organisation or community
  • benefits for experienced facilitator and novice alike
  • worth every penny – excellent content & great presentation

Please visit our course calendar to see upcoming dates and locations for this course and make a booking.  Alternatively, contact us to enquire about a tailored in-house course for your organisation.