Creating Positive Outcomes in Challenging Situations

How do you address behaviours that are stopping you and others from achieving what you want and need to achieve? How do you challenge constructively and sensitively to address the issues and make progress?

In many of the workshops we facilitate, meetings we hold, and relationships we are involved in, our participants, employees, clients and others are passionate about the topics we are covering, and emotions can trigger difficult behaviours. Sometimes when these behaviours come into play they may slow down progress or have other impacts on individuals and groups.

This course provides some insight and background to enable us to understand reactions to conflict (ours and others’) and introduces a variety of tools and methods to support best conflict practice with individuals and groups.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to be confident in dealing with difficult behaviours that impact on relationships and processes in their communities and organisations. It is designed to suit all levels of experience and the tools and techniques introduced will be helpful in both professional and personal situations.

This course is designed to support managers, team leaders, HR managers, community and volunteer support workers, mediators and facilitators to develop new skills and awareness with particular emphasis on understanding some of the causes of conflict and addressing the issues we discover.

What you will gain

The course briefly explores conflict, and our relationship to it.  It teaches methods and tools that can be used to analyse conflict; to structure conversations towards positive results, and to help develop confidence in managing difficult working relationships and tricky moments. It references ICA’s Technology of Participation (ToP) Focused Conversation method, supported by Solution Focused Approaches (, with exercises from The Conflict Resolution Network (      

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Identify when conflict is in play and apply some new skills, tools and approaches when managing conflict or addressing difficult behaviours
  • Work more assertively, confidently and effectively when directly involved in difficult conversations and interactions
  • Challenge appropriately and constructively on contentious issues
  • Help to facilitate better communication & relationships when in conflict

Learning style

After the introduction of a topic or tool, delegates will participate in practical skills based exercises.  Participants are encouraged to bring examples of actual conflicts they are facing and consider how to address them during the course.


This course is currently delivered online. It consists of 4 sessions spread over 4 days – beginning on Day 1 with a two-hour session (to ensure everyone’s tech is working!)  then continuing with three more 90-minute sessions.   

In addition there will be 3 x 1-hour follow-up sessions or ‘surgeries’ to support the practice of these new skills in an ‘action learning’ style.

As the course is delivered online, a digital version of the comprehensive workbook will be sent prior to the course start date and participants will be invited to print the materials to use in the sessions, or have them available online to use as worksheets.  

Please visit our course calendar to see upcoming dates for this course and make a booking.

This training is also delivered as a face to face, one-day course, when the situation allows. Again each participant is provided with a workbook, which includes reference materials and worksheets to support their practice afterwards. The 3 x 1-hour online, follow-up sessions or ‘surgeries’ to support the practice of these new skills in an ‘action learning’ style are included.

For more details or in-house enquiries, please contact ICA or the Lead Trainer, Ann Lukens