Part of our ‘ToP with’ series – learn from the experts how different facilitation techniques can be used in conjunction with ICA’S Technology of Participation (ToP) methods.

A hands-on conversation from learning the skills through to application

A Mind map is a visual representation or diagram that organises information and ideas. This versatile and popular technique can help us to think more clearly and creatively, solve problems, make decisions, plan, negotiate, memorise and more…

This online training session explores the technique of Mind Mapping based on the structure and methodology developed by the late Tony Buzan. The session will use ICA:UK’s invaluable ToP Focused Conversation Method to provide a structured, four-level conversation to explore the many features, uses and applications of Mind Maps in both work situations and/or our personal lives.

The session is suitable for those who are:
  • new to mind mapping or new to the Tony Buzan method of Mind Mapping
  • who would benefit from guidance on structuring or improving their Mind Maps
  • who would like to use the Focused Conversation Method to explore the various uses and applications of Mind Mapping
What you will gain
  • By the end of the session, you will:
  • understand the concept and thinking behind Mind Mapping
  • know the steps involved in creating a Mind Map based on the approach developed by Tony Buzan
  • have used the Focused Conversation Method to explore Mind Mapping from surface to more in-depth implications for life and work including features, uses and applications
  • have had an opportunity to put your learning into practice
  • be aware of resources and tools available for Mind Mapping

Materials needed
We recommend you bring a few large sheets of plain paper and coloured pencils to the session (A3 or A4 sheets of paper taped together).

Learning style
The session will be practical and participatory. Mind mapping will be demonstrated, broken down into easy steps, and then practiced. The ToP Focused Conversation method will support you to explore how Mind Mapping can be applied to both your work and lives and how you can continue your learning journey.

Following the session notes of Slides shared during the session will be made available for future reference and support

Our Trainers

For this course we are pleased to be working in partnership with lead ICA UK trainers Miriam O Donoghue and Megan Evans. Miriam is also a Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor (TBLI) in Mind Mapping. See here for their profiles.

Please visit our course calendar to see upcoming dates for this course and make a booking. Alternatively, contact us to enquire about a tailored in-house course for your organisation.