As an organiser of training courses which bring people together from different regions and countries, to learn together over one or two days, ICA:UK recognises its responsibility to care for these participants and the trainer(s) delivering the courses.

In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ICA:UK Board met and agreed the following:

1.We have a schedule of public courses set out until December 2020. We will continue to take bookings for these courses

2. When determining whether a course should go ahead or not, in addition to the usual criteria we apply for financial viability and training experience, we will also consider the COVID-19 context, with reference to Government guidance, people’s safety and level of comfort in attending and delivering the course.

3.Where we decide not to proceed with a course we will offer participants the opportunity to transfer their fee to another course later in the year or to receive their money back. We recognise in this situation that our trainers and ICA:UK will lose income and ICA:UK will need to bear the costs of cancellation. We do not envisage being able to reimburse participants for anything more than the fees, so we would request our potential participants to contact us and think carefully before incurring additional costs any earlier than necessary.

4.In the event of the decision being made to continue with a course, if an individual participant cannot attend due to being ill with the virus or being in quarantine, then again we will offer to transfer their fee or offer a refund. We may need to ask for some evidence of their situation to clarify that our usual Terms and Conditions of booking do not apply.

5.When a course does go ahead and the pandemic is still ongoing, we will work with the venue to ensure that recommended procedures are in place to minimise risk of infection and prevent the onward transmission of the virus

6.We occasionally receive requests from trainers and participants from outside the UK to join our courses. Equally ICA:UK asks UK-based trainers to travel to other countries (especially Ireland, Poland and Switzerland) to deliver/support training in those countries. During this time when travel restrictions are often an integral part of the strategy to combat the virus, we will actively seek to minimise these travels.

7.Currently our three part-time staff have different work patterns in terms of location- wholly in the office, wholly at home, or divided between the two. In our care for their wellbeing we may need to have all three being home based at times. We suggest people use the website enquiry forms or email to contact us. Where you need to talk to someone, please recognise the office phone may not always be answered immediately.