Orla Cronin


Órla is a facilitator, trainer and consultant to NGOs and other civil society organisations. As a research psychologist and ex-academic, with private sector and overseas experience, she loves training and facilitating a wide variety of people and groups. She aims to bring her whole self to training, and receives consistently positive feedback: ‘a brilliant and resourceful trainer’.

Her CV is available at http://www.framework.org.uk/who-we-are/orla-cronin/ and her company website is www.orlacronin.com. She tweets occasionally at @croninorla and @frameworkorg. Órla has used ToP methods in a wide variety of settings, with participants as varied as senior scientists, academics, engineers, young people with learning disabilities, young female footballers, and Welsh Assembly members.

She works globally, via her virtual training and facilitation activities. She trains in English, but can also work in French and Spanish, and is also experienced and comfortable working through interpreters. Órla trains Group Facilitation Methods, Action Planning and Virtual Facilitation Online for ICA:UK and ICA:USA, and also enjoys developing and delivering bespoke training, particularly in the area of virtual facilitation.